September 21st, 2021 – City Council Strategic Planning Retreat

Authentic Local Culture, Social Equity and Affordability, Transportation Innovation, Environmental Leadership, Housing Task Force.

  • Authentic Local Culture (ALC) – The report acknowledges that more work lies ahead around defining a “culture statement” to “understand our community and engage, live, and visit here.”  Currently the ALC themes of focus are “hard work, grit, creativity, and a sense of belonging.”  The taskforce is named, need for more dialogue with newer locals and visitors, as well as the other strategic areas of focus.
  • Social Equity and Affordability – A taskforce has been formed to move forward with the initiatives.  This group has already shown significant progress from making recreation accessible, housing assistance, bilingual programming, etc.  Outcomes from the ongoing Social Equity Initiative are highlighted, which is proving a very effective framework with significant positive community impact.  A number of questions are posed which I’ll address below.
  • Transportation Innovation – Refinements are being proposed for the transportation innovation pillar as an output from initial taskforce meetings.  It combines the three current transportation planning initiatives, Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP), Long Range Transportation Master Plan (Park City Forward), and the Active Transportation Plan (ATP).  Updates to projects through the year will be presented at this Council meeting.  Concepts of “transit first”, “car optional”, and “restricted parking” are being explored to determine if that is still an appropriate direction.
  • Environmental Leadership – The goals are discussed of “Net-zero Carbon”, “Zero Waste Economy”, “Community Education”, and “Natural Environment” in context of the pillar.  Steps towards sustainability outlined include native landscaping, stream flows, wildfire mitigation, and IHC’s move towards drought tolerant landscaping.  Other projects are walked through, some highlights… Spiro Tunnel portal ribbon cutting on 10/5 at 5pm; residential compost solutions being explored; a “one tree per resident” event is proposed; Transit to Trails is being proposed to continue through winter; a conservation easement for Iron Mountain, for Clark Ranch, and for Treasure Hill.
  • Housing Task Force – An explanation of the taskforce, the subcommittees, and their approach.  Essentially, initial meetings have focused on the “Why?” of affordable housing.  Future considerations including the Housing Needs Assessment, a Long-Term Housing Plan, potential Regional Housing Authority, next steps in development, and land use recommendations.