Recreation and Open Space

Our community values open space, parks, and recreational facilities.  Historically, open space and parks have been targeted in part for development.  Park City also hosts many non-local events limiting availability for locals.

My Stand
Preserving our open space and ensuring locals have access to our fields and facilities is paramount to our quality of life.  We must continue to look for opportunities to protect and preserve whenever possible.

  • A new zoning classification, Urban Parks Zone (UPZ), has been proposed to protect our parks.  I fully support approving UPZ, as it will make it very difficult to change use or chip away at our open space and parks and require a significant public process.  UPZ has been in discussion for a while; it needs to be approved and written into to the Municipal Code.
  • Health and safety of our youngest community members deserves attention. For example, we should further expand non-toxic recreational area maintenance programs.
  • We should reserve a portion of use of our recreational facilities to ensure locals do have access and limit non-local events as to not conflict with other major City activities. 
  • Supporting social equity and community development, we should offer recreational programs (this does not mean it has to be expensive or have any cost at all) and proactively market them to all community members. There are some, but we can do more.
  • Coordination with Summit County/Basin Recreation is extremely important when planning our facilities and ensuring our investments are sound.