October 7th, 2021 – City Council Meeting

A tunnel under Kearns Blvd.; Decarbonization strategies; FY22 Budget update; Winter Special Events schedule; Consent Agenda items; PCCF Live PC Give PC Street Party; Triple Crown Sports tournament; Use of PC School District fields; Renewal of downtown Business Improvement District contract with HPCA.

  • The Walking Biking Liaison Committee (WALC) is presenting a recommendation to use the remaining bond funds from a 2007 issue, $5 million, plus ~$2 million of additional funds to build a tunnel under Kearns Blvd. connecting the Snow Creek path to the Doubletree/Yarrow area.  The project would be targeted for 2023/2024.  As the bond funds would be depleted, there is also a recommendation to revisit the financial planning for remaining walkability projects, and it is noted that the funds used were earmarked for the Arts & Culture District area improvements.
  • Sustainability staff outlines 10 proposed strategies for decarbonization of buildings in Park City and Summit County, in pursuit of Council’s previously approved goal of reaching net-zero carbon and 100% renewable electricity by 2030.  At a high level they include 2 options to address property disclosures; 1 option requiring long-term rental licensing that would include a mandatory energy audit; 2 options promoting net-zero for new builds; 3 financial options (one of which is using tax funds); and 2 options to promote community engagement through recognition and outreach. 
  • There is a FY22 budget update, highlighting that we are still setting new tax revenue records across the board, along with an increase in other fee revenues.  Golf and parking revenues are up significantly as well.  Overall revenues are mostly on target, and expenses are higher than initially planned due to pulling ahead some capital outlays, which should correct itself through the year.  
  • Winter special events are outlined, including Holiday Festivities (Snow Globe Stroll, Small Business Strategy, Grand Menorah Lighting, Electric Light Parade, and Santa Comes Down the Town Lift), FIS World Cup at Deer Valley, Sundance Film Festival, 20th Anniversary Celebration of the 2002 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the YSA Olympic and Paralympic Homecoming Parade.
  • Consent Agenda Items
    • Change Order related to the landscaping projects along Prospector Avenue and Gold Dust Lane for an additional $58.638.11, total project cost of $329,625.11.
    • Design Professional Services Agreement in the amount of $45,908 for review of Deer Valley Ski Resort’s Traffic Impact Study related to the proposed development of Snow Park parking lots.
    • An extension of the Agricultural Grazing Lease on the Naniloa Property (~65 acres east of the HWY-40/I-80 interchange and just north of I-80) through 10/31/2024 is proposed.  The rent is $200 per month in exchange for the tenant maintaining the land. 
  • The Park City Community Foundation (PCCF) is requesting to hold a special event on November 5th, a Live PC Give PC Street Party.  It will require road closures around Heber Ave. and Park Ave., bus re-routing, noise ordinance exceptions, etc.  Historically this event has not required a permit because it was not held in the public right of way.  The reason given for changing the approach is so it can be close to one of the main event sponsors, High West.  The HPCA chose not to take a position on the event, and those impacted in the area gave mixed feedback.  This is being considered a Level Four event, and would not have been possible if other events such as Savor the Summit, Song Summit, and Shot Ski were not cancelled, as the City would have hit the limit of allowed events.
  • Triple Crown Sports (TCS) is on the agenda for discussion but not requesting Council action at this time.  It is held over a 14-day period, and the City is forecasting a Local Economic Impact of $54,544.  The City had issues with TCS during 2020 due to their response to pandemic health orders, but TCS has since expressed their desire to return.  It is expected to bring 134 teams, with 27 of them being in-state. 
  • A lease extension is proposed between Park City School District (PCSD) and the City for 2 years rather than the traditional 1 year extension to allow PCSD and the City more time while PCSD finalizes their master planning process.  The City paid ~$1 million to build the fields 30 years ago, and receives access to the fields when not in use by PCSD, 300 hours of gymnasium use, and retains the field rental revenue.  PCSD receives maintenance and water at no cost from the City, but it does cost us ~$454k per year to provide the services.  Staff estimates the economic benefit from the agreement creates a net no cost solution or a slight profit for the City.
  • A 12-month extension to the management contract with HPCA for the downtown Business Improvement District (BID) is proposed, with the caveat that Staff recommends this be the final renewal.  It is tied to the Park Silly Sunday Market (PSSM) agreement which is also expiring.  It is noted that community priorities have changed, the scope has been updated over the past few years, and it would be a good time to revisit the intent of the BID to ensure the best service provisions and funding sources for both the City and HPCA.