October 28th, 2021 – City Council Meeting

Large truck safety down Marsac/Mine Road; Funding for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion nonprofits; Short Range Transit Plan update; Park City School District master plan; Lessons learned from the 2002 Olympics; Water Revenue Bond and upgraded S&P rating; Transit changes for Winter 2021-2022 including a couple new routes; Parking summary including a proposed change to eliminate China Bridge’s first hour free; Declaring Nov. 1st Extra Mile Day; The future of the Triple Crown Sports softball tournament; Ordinance allowing more options for electronic meetings.

  • An update regarding traffic on Marsac/Mine Road/SR-224 and safety concerns related to large vehicles in the wake of another accident at the roundabout this past summer.  The report highlights that the road is controlled by UDOT, not Park City, although we have been providing additional enforcement and education efforts.  It also explains that large vehicle traffic was meant to travel on the road to the Flagstaff area and above, although the Chief Building Official has the authority to change this routing.  Some options are presented such as limiting hours of travel, requiring the use of Royal Street instead (significantly safer grade), and/or setting up additional checkpoints around the city. 
  • The Special Service Contract Committee is requesting direction on how to proceed, as the RFP process to support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) nonprofits was delayed earlier this year by Council to allow organizations more time to recover and plan appropriately coming out of the pandemic.  The budget is set at $250k, and the sample RFP is included.
  • An update on the Short Range Transit Plan is provided, making the case for a new plan due to the additional transit taxes passed in 2016 and 2018, as well as the regional bus system split with High Valley Transit (HVT).  The cost is presented as $36,000 to the city, with an additional $144,000 provided by UDOT grants.  It will be a 5-year plan and incorporate both the changing needs of Park City and advances in technology. 
  • The Park City School District Master Plan update is provided, with the plans for expansion of all of the school campuses.  This includes the consolidation of grades across PC High and McPolin, while putting Treasure out of service.  The high school expansion will extend onto the green space towards Lucky John in between the current school buildings and Dozier Field, also removing the turnaround loop.  The McPolin expansion doesn’t appear to impact much except a turnaround area as drawn, with replacement considerations for traffic flow included as well.
  • Park City Recreation contributed to a research report titled “What’s our Olympic legacy?: A case study of one community’s efforts to optimize youth sport programming following a mega-sporting event.”  It was published in the Journal of Olympic Studies.
  • Water Revenue Bond Issuance as approved on September 30, 2021 by Council has been issued.  The interest rate is 1.89%, and the $66.1 million is enough to cover our capital project forecasts within the water department for the next few years.  It is noted the recent bond refinancing approved by the Council will save the city $500k, and S&P has upgraded our bond rating based on the strong recovery post-pandemic.
  • Park City Transit walks through ridership and winter service updates.  Essentially, ridership is still down from pre-pandemic levels, sometimes up to 40%.  Initial issues coordinating Paratransit service are acknowledged and the solutions already in place are discussed.  Benchmarks are being deployed to measure the bus system quantitatively.  Some updates for Winter 2021-22 include: 3 Blue will be back in service (runs opposite direction of the 3 Green), 50 Teal is being created to serve Prospector with direct access to Main St and Deer Valley, Trolley will stay on the summer schedule, the 4 Orange bus will use Marsac instead of Royal to get to Silver Lake, and the 2 Green is losing 2 stops on Payday.
  • The Parking Summary report discusses that the trends we are seeing are consistent with previous years in terms of parking utilization, that the new technology programs work well, and Main Street is still busy even though it isn’t free while the surrounding lots are.  Upcoming projects include a new payment method and changing the China Bridge fee structure.
  • Park Silly Sunday Market and Kimball Arts Festival debriefs are due to the city by 11/1, and it is being requested to have the results presented at the 11/4 meeting instead of 10/28.
  • Council is being presented a resolution to adopt November 1st as “Extra Mile Day.”  We’ve participated for the past 9 years, and it encourages folks to go the extra mile as they influence positive change around them.  It also includes a cross-country bicycle tour.
  • Triple Crown Sports (TCS) softball tournament is back on the agenda.  It is a 2-week long event in the summer that historically has had an impact on the community from using the fields to traffic and congestion, while also contributing towards business revenue in town.  Park City provides fee waivers to the tournament as an economic incentive. 
  • There are a number of positive recommendations forwarded from the Planning Commission, none appear to be very controversial.  The Water Supply Agreement with Salt Lake City Corporation is being proposed for extension while a longer-term deal is worked out.  The water appears to be re-sold to Vail Resorts for snowmaking at Park City Mountain.
  • An Ordinance to allow more flexibility with electronic meetings is proposed.  I support this, the more options we have the better, it doesn’t mean we have to always use them.  In person meetings can definitely be of benefit regarding certain topics, especially those that are contentious and/or have passionate representation.  All that to say a completely electronic model would make it tougher, but a hybrid answer could be the way to go.