October 18th, 2021 – City Council Meeting

Special meeting regarding the annexation of Southeast Quinn’s Junction (approximately 1,200 acres), specifically requesting acceptance of the annexation petition by City Council.

  • A petition to annex approximately 1,200 acres including the Richardson Flat area and Clark Ranch.  Recreation Open Space zoning is being proposed for the annexed area.  Summit County currently has it zoned as very low-density, with the possibility of a transportation hub.  The Richardson Flat area is owned by United Park City Mines (which is subject to the Flagstaff Development Agreement, otherwise known as the Empire Pass area).  This area is partially development restricted as part of the deal struck regarding density in the Empire Pass neighborhood, and part of it contains the soil repositories previously used that are tied up with the EPA, although there is possible future use if we can work it out.  The Clark Ranch area is owned by Park City Municipal.  It is mainly meant to be open space with a conservation easement, although up to 40 acres may be used for development purposes under the current plan.  The annual cost to Park City of maintaining the annexed land is estimated at $3,500.