November 4th, 2021 – City Council Meeting

Administration of boards, commissions, and committees; Deferring the Rossi Hill/Coalition View Dr. road narrowing project; Commemorate Karen Ovard’s retirement after 39 years; Park Silly Sunday Market summary report; Kimball Arts Festival summary report; Park City Arts District/Arts & Culture District summary report.

  • The administration of boards, commissions, and committees (public bodies) is being discussed in terms of the governance, appointments, and reimbursements/incentives.  Currently some public bodies are by ordinance, some by resolution, and they differ significantly.   
  • A previously approved project to narrow Rossi Hill and Coalition View Court between McHenry Street and Deer Valley Drive is back for review.  The discussion started in 2016 (originally an improvement from the Old Town Improvement Study in 2002) and was delayed for various reasons.  A survey sent to residents (response rate around 30%), indicated that the potential benefit of speed control did not outweigh the impact of the project.  The city also conducted speed studies and concluded there was not a pressing issue.
  • Resolution to honor and commemorate the 39-year career of Karen Ovard with Park City Municipal. 
  • Park Silly Sunday Market (PSSM) has a contract through 2022, and the Council is being asked to approve the 2022 dates, which are Sundays from 6/5-7/31 and 8/28-9/25 (14 days total).  Council is also being asked for an indication of future possibilities regarding renewing the contract, so that discussions could start early 2022 if so.  PSSM met or exceeded all contract measurements of success except for their vendor mix which was slightly high regarding importers on 2 of the markets in 2021. 
  • The Kimball Arts Festival (KAF) debrief is presented.  Essentially, the net direct economic impact to Park City is approximately $120,000.  Average spending of an attendee was $1,521.  Kimball Art Center’s (KAC) contract expires at the end of 2022, similar to PSSM. 
  • Park City Arts District (PCACD aka the Arts & Culture District) was temporarily activated towards the end of summer.  The budget approved by Council was $149,000.  Beyond activation of the site the area was also used for Transit to Trails and a couple other things.  Average attendance was just under 70.  Only 8 events were held, as 4 were cancelled due to weather.  City Staff is also looking for direction on potential winter and summer 2022 uses.