November 11th, 2021 – City Council Meeting

Zero waste goals; Store takeovers for events; Public Art Advisory Board planning for 2022 with upcoming Board openings; Resolution for Veterans’ Day; Ice rinks/sheets for free public use in City Park; Housing management outsourcing; Urban Park Zoning (UPZ) applied to protect City parks and the golf course; Drop, Load, and Staging (DLS) zone potential changes; Advisory committee for Lite Deed Restriction program.

  • Zero waste goals are discussed and a contract structure proposed for the next 10 years (6 year initial contract with possible 2 year extensions).  Beyond supporting Environmental Leadership, we need to address the landfills filling up through waste diversion (recycling and composting), preventing overflow conditions, and general efficient use of space for trash.  Conversations have included the HPCA allowing contract leverage around Main Street, and is proposed as a multi-partner solution, each one bringing their strengths to the solution.  Key Performance Indicators will be part of the future contract as well, holding our commercial partners partly responsible for the program’s success.  The contract will be voted on November 18th.

  • Regulations regarding store takeovers, signage, and parking/loading permits during special events are proposed.  These are to further clarify existing regulations, with the intent of preserving Old Town’s historic charm while also allowing for private operations during periods of up to 14 days.  The suggestions include vibrancy requirements which basically means to get a permit as a temporary use the space has to be truly active for at least 270 other days of the year.  Lastly, enforcement is brought up and acknowledged some changes might make it easier to maintain original intent in the future.  The changes will be presented back in Spring 2022.

  • The Public Art Advisory Board (PAAB) provides their 2021 update, and outlines their plans for $101,000 worth of projects in 2022.  In terms of function, $20,000 of that is estimated for the Neighborhood Art Program Research and Development program, and $5,000 for signage in English and Spanish.  Three PAAB board vacancies will occur in June 2022, with only one of those eligible for reappointment.  The selection process will begin in March 2022.

  • Resolution recognizing November 11th as Veterans’ Day.

  • The Recreation and Parks Department is going to be setting up three non-refrigerated skating ponds on City Park as soon as weather allows, with hours planned to be 10am to 10pm.  They will be free to use and maintained by the Ice Arena staff.

  • Park City owns 49 housing units for temporary and/or permanent employee housing.  Transit used to self-manage their units, but that has become too burdensome.  An RFP was conducted, with two highly qualified firms responding, and one of them being approximately half the price due a % of income structure rather than a fee per unit structure.

  • Urban Park Zones (UPZ) are back to rezone the 4 City Parks and the Municipal Golf Course into the new zoning.  Last delay was due to State Law forcing the voter referendum requirement to be removed.  However, the new change will require a non-binding opinion question be submitted to the registered voters of Park City and that no action can be taken for at least 6 months following the related public hearing. 

  • Drop, Load, and Staging Zones (DLS) modifications are presented.  The options include leave as-is, reduce the zone between Flanagan’s and Terigo and add another down the street, and/or to add a completely new zone on the west side of Main Street between 4th and 5th.  Any new zones will require additional staffing at a cost around $16k per year.  It is noted that currently the DLS zones are all on the east side of Main Street to limit neighborhood traffic.

  • Lite Deed Restriction Program is back and action is requested from Council.  The program allows a cash payment to be made to homeowners who agree to a permanent deed restriction on the property that it must be owner/full-time renter occupied.  An Advisory Committee is proposed so potential applicants can move through the process quickly, with the City Manager retaining final approval authority.