June 17th, 2021 – City Council Meeting

Fee Increases, Arts & Culture District, Soils Repository, Fire Safety/Ban, Fraud Report, Public Input Process, Park Avenue, Budget Overview, Elected Officials Communication Protocol

  • Highlighted City fee changes proposed, not a comprehensive list:
    • Water rates are increasing around 3% for residential and commercial; around 10% for irrigation
    • A sliding fee scale is being implemented for recreational fees for anyone in the Park City School District (PCSD) based on Gross Family Income compared to Average Median Income (AMI); discounts range of 30% to 70%
    • Recreation Center “10 Punch” cards are increasing $10 for Seniors & Military
    • Ice Arena fees are changing across many activities; Platinum Annual Pass is being retired
    • Event fees are increasing, most significantly relating to Bleachers and Banners (especially related to Kearns where installation and removal is going from $1,431 to $3,528)

  • There will be an update on the Soils Management Facility provided, detailing the next few meetings and that July 15th will be the Council Meeting where next steps are discussed/decided upon. 

  • Park City is enacting a ban on “open sources of ignition and open flames, including fireworks” effective June 16th and until further notice, prohibiting 4th of July weekend fireworks at Park City Mountain Resort.

  • The Fraud Report indicates the City does not require elected officials/employees to annually commit to a abide by a statement of ethical behavior, have a formal internal audit function, or formal audit committee. 

  • An agenda item includes authorizing payment of $1.7MM to GTS Development Services, LLC for Addendum 2 relating to their services provided for the Arts & Culture District (A&C).

  • Park Avenue Re-Construction project is proceeding with a request to authorize a consulting firm to create the final designs and plan, including consideration for required infrastructure improvements under the road.

  • Construction for the Quinn’s Junction Park and Ride is planned to begin in 2022.

  • City Council compensation unchanged from 2020, when cash in lieu of benefits was increased $1,283 from 2019.  Total City Council compensation proposed for 2021-2022 is $44,958 if benefits are waived, $23,435 otherwise.

  • Operating budget proposed is approximately $64MM (slight decrease from FY21 attributed to bus service split to High Valley Transit), with an additional $74MM for Capital Projects and $22MM of debt service.  The City’s ending balance is projected to increase from $68MM in FY21 to $77MM in FY22. 

  • City Council Protocol is being updated, with mostly wording changes/clarifications.  There is a topic regarding the Council and Mayor’s protocol in responding to Resident Requests addressed individually to the Mayor or a member of the Council, which appears to allow individual response and eliminate the need to copy the remaining Council Members/Mayor.