July 15th, 2021 – City Council Meeting

Deed incentive program for full-time occupancy, Next steps with the soil repository, Parking & support for Sunday Old Town events, New City Attorney appointed, Sales Tax revenues break records

  • Discussion regarding a Lite Deed Restriction program that will provide an upfront cash payment to homeowners (estimated at 20% of appraised value, considering properties up to $750k) in exchange for a deed restriction that requires the occupant be a full time resident and work within Park City (or be a retiree). It is noted this model has worked well in Colorado area ski towns. An initial fund of $1,000,000 is being proposed.
  • The Gordo Soils Management Facility (SMF) has reached the end of the 60-day public engagement previously authorized. Essentially, there are 35,000CY of soil already there and the cost is estimated at $7/CY for future soil compared to $175/CY to truck it to Tooele. If we move what is already at Gordo to Tooele it is approximately $6MM. The options include declining to proceed, approving to proceed per original plan, approving to proceed under a scaled-back operation (from taking no more soil to Gordo to taking less than originally planned, but not moving the 35,000CY already there), or continue the public process (including data gathering) and proceed with researching soil management alternatives (one of which is assumingly continuing trucking the soil to Tooele).
  • Car Free Sundays and Park Silly Sunday Market (PSSM) are very popular. Additional support services are being proposed including transit, police, security, and residential access passes so homes around the impacted area are more accessible during the events. To drive traffic away from Main Street to satellite lots, increased parking rates on Sundays are proposed including raising the parking rate to $10/hour, max $40, and eliminating the first hour free. All of these services come at a cost to the City, which appears to be approaching $200k in total, most of which is attributed to Car Free Sundays. This includes the proposed increased services of approximately $40k (assumingly to address event popularity and mitigate impact).
  • Margaret Plane is being appointed as City Attorney in succession to Mark Herrington, who is staying onboard in another position.
  • Sales tax revenues continue to break records.
  • Other items include: Renewing Kimball Arts Festival lease for 1 year only; A refined mixed-use proposal for the Film Studio site; A sliding recreational fee scale based on income; Car and motorcycle excessive noise enforcement; Maintaining livability around Hillside Ave.; Storm water management plan updates; Park Ave bike lane project update reflecting comments in favor and against it.