Over the course of 20 years I have worked with Big 4 global accounting/professional service firms in the Energy and Utilities industry before starting my own strategic consulting practice. Delivering value for government and private entities through an understanding of financial implications, managing complex projects, and developing strategic plans all focus on anticipating and addressing issues while also planning for the future long-term.  However, it is not enough to only develop future plans; even more importantly is to act on those plans showing immediate benefit on the path to well thought out final results. I’ve worked with highly regulated clients including publicly traded companies, local through Federal governments, and municipal utilities/public works departments. These organizations are extremely diverse, although they share a common theme of striving for operational efficiency without deviating from their long-term vision or losing their identity along the way. The parallels to Park City are truly uncanny, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve our community.

Some key ideals that embody my professional skills as applied to Park City day-to-day include optimizing value while managing cost, focusing on transparency to the public, listening to our community, looking at activities and/or projects in terms of their long-term impact 10/20/30+ years down the road, finding creative solutions and common ground when negotiating difficult topics, and keeping a lens on the outdoors throughout it all, ensuring we keep our priorities straight.

Please reach out to with any ideas, questions, comments, or if you just want to connect.