August 19th, 2021 – City Council Meeting

Water conservation/Firewise landscape incentives, Open space fire mitigation, Public Improvement Districts, Traffic safety enhancements, Direction on the Gordo SMF, Another Sales Tax Revenue record, Certifying the Primary Election

  • The City is proposing a few things to make converting landscaping towards water conservation less burdensome.  The landscape permit fee and street cut performance bonds are clarified with the intent of not applying towards conversion from water heavy landscape towards xeriscape, although structural parts of the project may still require these items.  Staff is looking for Council direction on further exploring incentive programs to assist in converting existing landscape and/or new construction.
  • A recommendation is being made to approve an award for Treasure Hill Fire Mitigation work.
  • Creating a mechanism for Public Improvement Districts (PIDs), which essentially allows development burden (such as infrastructure) to be passed along to specific property owners within the PID as additional levy to their property tax bill to pay back issued bonds.  There are other potential uses of a PID as well, which post-development would require 100% approval of the property owners within the district.
  • The Marsac/Deer Valley Drive roundabout on SR-224 is discussed, including safety improvements and collaboration with UDOT (it is a State Road).  There is also mention of a possible moratorium while improvements are tested and potential traffic diversion down Royal Street instead of using Marsac when heading downhill. 
  • Transit to Trails and Trails & Open Space Ranger Program updates indicate they are both successful and the City would like to continue offering them.
  • City Staff is looking for direction related to the Gordo Soils Management Facility (SMF) from Council as a continuation from the July 15th meeting.  Options include: 1) Do not proceed; 2) Proceed; 3) Proceed with a limited scope; 4) Continue public outreach and analyzing options.
  • May Sales Tax Revenues set records across the board, and are significantly increased compared to FY19 (pre-pandemic) in every category. 
  • Certifying the results of the 2021 Municipal Primary Election, advancing Nann Worel and Andy Beerman for Mayor, and Tana Toly, Jeremy Rubell, Tim Henney, and Thomas Purcell for City Council to the General Election.