Arts and Culture District

The publicly funded Arts and Culture District (A&C) has quite the storied past since it was envisioned in 2017. Park City has become busier, there are other large private developments planned around town, it is on center stage as part of the contaminated soils discussion, and costs have risen (recently up to $125 million – now we’re down to around $90 million including the land although still a guesstimate). The project has been very divisive across our community, we need to come up with a collaborative solution with experts guiding the way towards outcomes.

My Stand
Arts and culture are critical components to keeping the spirit of Park City alive. At the same time, we have to find the cost/value sweet spot and ensure the project is meeting community goals. It feels like we are trying to back into a more reasonable cost projection from the original plan rather than reimagining the space with our partners, experts, and community benefit at the forefront. I support finding a creative solution that delivers on desired outcomes while lessening the City’s financial burden and achieving best possible use of the land. It is ok and necessary to take a step back, look the big picture (including the surrounding area), and adjust our path.

  • I would like to see more robust housing solutions, parking, transit, and open space for all to enjoy. This has to be planned and coordinated with other neighborhood projects like the Homestake parcel, Iron Horse Dr., Prospector Business Park, etc. We can’t fit everything on the land specifically targeted for A&C, but we can strategically plan the entire area to meet our goals. Once we set the strategy and desired outcomes we can get creative, perhaps even meeting the original intent of A&C in other areas of town so that we open the Bonanza Dr. parcels to other potential uses as well.
  • We should consider a phased approach to the project once we agree to the target final outcomes as a community, realizing value and benefit as soon as possible.
  • The project could be a huge step towards community inclusion across multiple pillars of the City’s SEAT strategic goals… Social Equity & Affordability, Environmental Leadership, Authentic Local Culture, and Transportation Innovation.
  • We can look into outdoor interactive art working spaces, shared art halls, and creating an incubator for up and coming artists (of all media types including film). I would like to discuss these ideas with experts who understand our goals and can a provide a realistic roadmap to get there (such as inviting Kimball Art Center and Sundance Institute to the forefront of planning conversations with our community).
  • We may be able to expand our planned partnerships to include other non-profits, creating a hub like atmosphere and bringing in additional private funding (this applies to a potential non-profit housing partnership as well).
  • An economic benefit complementary to Main Street and the resorts should be part of the planning rather than looking at A&C as independent and perceived as competition to those areas.
  • There are many possibilities that would not cost an excessive amount of taxpayer money or handcuff us with long-term bond obligations. I understand the project as incepted is funded by tourist paid taxes, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right use of all the funds and if costs balloon we may find ourselves dipping into other pockets. We have many other City funded initiatives proposed and need to make responsible financial decisions.
  • I believe there is a win-win solution for our community. I’ll bring my strategic outcome based planning, negotiation, and financial experience to the table so we can get there.